Welcome to the Superconducting Quantum Nanoelectronics Laboratory!

Since first established in 2006, Center for Supersolid and Quantum Matter Research (CSQR) at Korea Advanced Institute of Science Technology (KAIST) have investigated new quantum phenomena appeared in various materials at milikelvin temperature. The main objective of our research group is focused on studying macroscopic quantum-mechanical phenomena in both natural and artificial systems. Currently, five ph.d. students have studied various subjects in experimental low-temperature physics such as supersolid, low-dimensional superfluid, polymer, graphene, superconducting nanowires and quantum information science.

Open Positions

We are currently seeking higly-motivated post-doctoral researchers and graduate students. Interested candidiates are welcome to send an e-mail to Prof. Eunseong Kim. 

2024. 05. 31

2024 May KAIST Fun Run competition

Yongmin, Gyum, Minje, and Jiwuk finished the run!

Great Job!

2024. 04. 26

2024 April KAIST Fun Run competition

Yongmin, Gyum, and Minje finished the run!

Great Job!

2024. 03. 29

2024 March KAIST Fun Run competition

Yongmin, Gyum, Songbin, Jiwon, Minje, and Jiwuk finished the run!

Great Job!

2024. 02. 16

2024 Commencement ceremony

Jeakyung and Hyeok finished their PhD work! 


2023. 12. 05

New publication!

Hyeok and Jeakyung published a study about adaptive tomography. 

The paper can be found in PHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED.


2023. 10. 31

We started the e-beam lithography process for 3" wafers!

Say goodbye to the single-piece lithography process!

Lots of junctions at a single process!

2023 October, Jeakyung leave SQNL

Jeakyung now joins KRISS as a postdoc.

Here, we are grateful for his effort in our lab and wish him to be with luck in his career. 

2023 August, JeaKyung Choi graduated Ph.D. course!

Congratulation! Jeakyung finished his Ph.D. course.

His work on high-power SC qubit measurement will make a big step for our field.

He worked extensively on the qubit measurement setup and fabrication process from the basement, leaving lots of know-how.

2023 October KAIST Fun Run competition

Yongmin and Songbin finished 5km fun run competition in campus!

2023 APS march meeting!